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Welcome to the Awakening Forums

We are an FREE online text based role-playing community, dedicated to creating enjoyable games via our powerful forums. These were set-up especially for your role-playing experience.

We have a long list of special features that were custom designed to help the players and Games Master during their roleplaying game.

We have games that range from the D20 system to homebrew rules. There should be something to cater for all tastes whatever your preferred system or genre. If your favourite game is not here, place a request for it to be started.

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Latest Community Posts
D&D 5th Edition!!!

Ive been lucky enough to have been GMing the playtest for 5th Ed D&D.

While I cant really say much, I will say that it has been streamlined and combat is pretty quick and deadly. Crits have been...

2 comments | Post Author by Barristan

Returning Soon

Hi All,

Thought I make this message more public instead of my normal PMs. As most of you know I vanished for last six months from the forum... If you did not know

...So here's the thing, I am...

1 comment | Post Author by Valace


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